7th & 8th Sr. Division Hotchkiss Jamboree Sat. Nov. 28th   11/17/2014

Games will start at 9:00am and play is usually done between 5-6pm.  Please remind parents that this is a fundraiser and there will be admission charged.  $1 for kids $2 for adults and $5 for a family.  Refreshments will also be available, including pizza at lunch time.  Off of last year we would ask that you take the initiative and ask parents to provide ‘reusable’ water bottles for their players – or at the very least take home what you bring with you!  The amount of bottles that go in to the trash is way too many – recycling in a big crowd is hard to do.  People are generally not to be bothered keeping containers separate – trash ends up in recycling.  Would like to do better with your help.