COVID-19 Protocols   12/21/2021

Folks, I feel as though we need to reemphasize our covid procedures, especially since the new CIAC regs may be coming in to effect soon, which we have said we would follow.  The new regs which effectively will be in play after the holiday break says that all players, coaches and parents must wear a mask at all times, with the exception being that those players who are fully vaccinated do not have to wear a mask while playing in a game.  Warm ups, on the bench and practices all players must wear a mask at all times.  Mask worn properly.  

So because the schools can verify vaccinations through their Ad’s and school nurses this can easily be adhered to.  Not so much for us.  I maintain that it would be easier to mandate masks for all all the time….. however, 

If you have vaccinated players who do not want to wear  a mask while playing only then you must;

               Obtain a copy of their vaccination card to have on file – not a parents word or ok

               Create a ‘covid vacc.’ Roster which will have players name, number, date of vacc’s, make of vaccine and the lot numbers of the vaccines

If a parent is unwilling or unable to give you this then that player must wear a mask at all times.

This roster is to be given to the opposing coach ( make copies ) so that they have it in hand during the game, not at the scorers table, and can verify that those playing without masks are on the vaccinated roster.   If masks are not being worn properly the referee should address this at game stoppages.  If a team does not have a roster either everyone wears a mask or the game does not get played.  If a team arrives and does not have a roster and wants to play the game the opposing team should not agree to play and then report back to me.  TEAMS REFUSING TO SUBMIT A ROSTER MUST HAVE ALL PLAYERS WEAR A MASK AT ALL TIMES – THOSE TEAMS NOT ABIDING BY THIS WILL BE ASSIGNED A FORFEIT LOSS.

Please note that individual towns have the right to put in place their own protocols.  At this time Woodbury and Reg.1 schools will mandate that everyone wears a mask at all times, no matter of vaccination status.

Folks -myself and the other recreational directors have a responsibility to our employers that we are adhering to what is accepted as the most responsible way to provide our recreational activities.  As coordinators of these programs we are responsible…..It does not matter what we or you think, these are the protocols we must adhere to and this is the process which we will use.   If it becomes known that they are not being adhered to then offending teams may be excluded from future participation including this year’s post season.